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Excel can be your friend

Bespoke excel training

Excel can be a very powerful tool, as a database, as a calculator, as a way of graphically representing data.  But where to start?  I offer bespoke Excel training at any level, using your business as the real life case study to help you develop and improve spreadsheets and build up your skill set so that Excel can become a powerful at your disposal.  I understand that people learn in different ways, and I will tailor the training so that it meets your needs.

Areas we can cover include:

  • Using excel as a database
  • Managing and analysing data from your accounts, CRM or social media packages
  • Formatting to present your data and analysis in a clear format
  • Using filters and searches to quickly find what you need
  • Pivot tables
  • Charts and graphs
  • Formulas
  • Using macros to automate tasks

I have set up training modules and training and induction programmes delivered training at all levels.


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