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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Whatever the size of your company or organisation, managing accurate records of income and expenditure is an essential task.  Whether you outsource this to an accountant, or take care of it ‘in-house’, you will need a process of categorising and storing paperwork for bookkeeping and accounting to be completed.  Instead of viewing this as a chore, it can be a great tool supporting your ambitions in growing a successful business.

Making your accounting system work for you

There is a wide range of software and applications available, and much of what traditionally was entered manually can now be scanned, imported and automated.  This not only saves time, but can improve accuracy.  Tasks such as details for invoices, logging incoming invoices and payments, setting up new client and supplier details, and reconciling transactions all have scope for automation. I can help identify and implement ways to reduce the admin and time cost of data entry and data management.

Smarter working with data, Business Intelligence

This information collected in your accounting system makes for an invaluable database.  Making smart use of this data, together with information stored elsewhere, can give you insights into your new business pipeline and successes, client behaviour, cross and up selling opportunities.

Data analysis can also help flag anomalies and potential problems.  Contact me for a discussion of how to access the goldmine of data your business has.


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