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Admin for small to medium sized businesses

Unlike sole traders, you are likely to already have a team in place, which between them contribute to the running of the business. Even if there is a specific individual appointed to take care of the admin, it may well be that other individuals feed into this system, for example creating quotes or filing project paperwork. Almost all staff members are likely to use email; even small changes to the way a calendar and inbox is set up can reduce the time spent sorting through communications and managing appointments.

Systems Review

As your business grows, it is always good to review the systems and practises you have put in place. What may have once been perfectly adequate for a fledgling company could now benefit from a fresher, slicker approach. Technologies are constantly evolving and there may be software or applications available that could revolutionise the way you manage admin tasks. Are you getting the most out of the software you already have?  I specialise in keeping up with the best technologies on the market and recommending those that will most benefit your individual business. A fully bespoke review of your system might include:

  • Smarter filing
  • Better organisation of the physical environment
  • Cloud solutions to enable work ‘on the go’
  • Clear definition of who is responsible for a particular task
  • Delegation of admin tasks to another individual
  • Clear communication system, to prevent ‘doubling up’ on work

Training the Team

Once these systems have been installed and updated, I will work with the team, whether it is a few individuals or several departments, to ensure everyone is on board. I will offer full training on using software and systems, building the confidence that will allow individuals to embrace change and recognise the benefit to them of smarter working. I will ensure the team develops ‘good habits’ to maximise the efficiency of all systems and address any areas where traditionally time has been unnecessarily lost.  Showing staff that you value their time, that you are committed to enabling them to play their strengths in the workplace, will have an extremely positive impact on morale, output and ultimately profit.


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