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Admin for sole traders and small businesses

In many cases, the admin in this scenario falls largely to an individual. You may perhaps have assistance with some areas, as funds will allow, as the paperwork has become overwhelming.

Help me – I’m drowning in paperwork!

You may be at the stage of considering hiring an admin assistant, but aware that this will bring another cost to the business as well as the responsibility of an additional employee. Before you do this, I would recommend a complete review of the systems you are using to file, organise and retrieve paperwork, as there may very well be a better, quicker and more logical way.

For example, an ‘archaeological’ approach to paperwork (i.e. the older something is, the lower down the pile it is) means hours can be lost trying to find records relating to a previous customer or project. Categorising and organising paperwork will allow you to locate what’s needed quickly and is just one example of where a review of your system could  really benefit your business.

How can I help you?

I will spend some time with you, getting to know the systems you use, identifying where you feel time is being lost and working on ways to improve and streamline your admin. Together, we will create a tailor-made system that works for your individual business, will alleviate the stress of paperwork and may very well negate or at least reduce the need for paid assistance.

The areas I can help with include:

  • Creating efficient filing systems for important paperwork
  • Recommending paperless filing wherever possible
  • Setting-up task reminders for key dates & deadlines (for example VAT returns, tax returns, invoicing & insurance)
  • Using software, apps and other technologies to help with organisation
  • Building a clear plan and structure for business growth
  • Identifying a system of time-tracking to ensure the business is running efficiently

If the business is growing and you do need to hire an admin assistant, I can help to train this person in the good practices we have installed and save you time and money by doing so.


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