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Bespoke Excel Solutions

There are thousands of software packages, apps, cloud based solutions, but few are as versatile and powerful as Microsoft’s Excel.  The versatility of it means that a business using Microsoft Office should look at how Excel can be used to run the business more effectively.  I build and improve Excel solutions such as:

  • Forecasting models and other calculators
  • Management and Financial Accounts
  • Databases – arranging, organising and analysing your data
  • Analytical tools – collating information from various sources to get a more in depth understanding of how your business is doing
  • Automating tasks – take away the tedium by making Excel do the work for you reduce manual data entry
  • Infographics – charts, colour coding help create visual representations of your information quickly and clearly
  • Being a bridge between applications – moving data accurately from one place to another
  • Share information – Excel can now be accessed on your PC, tablet, phone meaning it can be used everywhere

To find out how a Bespoke Excel solution can improve, if not transform your business Contact me.


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