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Learning & Development

New Employee Induction

pexels-photoA key part of a company’s recruiting strategy is to make sure new employees are integrated into the company and its culture as quickly and seamlessly as possible, so the company can benefit from the skills and experience from the start.  A good induction programme also benefits the new joiner as by learning about the company and all its component parts they can immediately start making positive contributions beyond the purely technical skills they bring.

An induction programme is a training programme tailored specifically for the Company, and will cover:

  • Specific training/ induction / handover relating to the role and the department
  • A detailed overview of the Company, the people and its operations. Some areas may need a more in depth introduction
  • This is an ideal time to communicate the culture of the company, promote the good habits of the new joiner, get them on board with the Company’s best practices

The training should mainly be delivered by team members, as that gives the new joiner exposure to their new colleagues, but it has the added benefit of reinforcing the training with existing employees.


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