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Bespoke Excel training

Have you been on training courses where you have learned a lot of new skills, understood how they can positively impact your business and come back enthusiastic about implementing you newfound knowledge?

Yet, the following day, things don’t quite make as much sense anymore, you seem to get stuck at the first or second hurdle.  You remember things that isn’t that relevant, yet can’t quite make the same sense of the practice examples you worked on during the course.

I offer bespoke excel training to individuals and companies.  I devise an individual learning plan, designed to focus on the areas you need to know about, working on excel files you will be using in your business.  Following the training, the notes during the training will be turned into a manual to remind you of the steps and reinforce the training.

I also offer follow-up support to make sure that your new skills are practised and honed to make sure you get the most out of the training.

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