TWIG Advisor

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Small to Medium sized businesses

Growth rarely happens smoothly.  Most of the time it happens in fits and starts, and suddenly there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.  I can help your team find those hours, by looking at your business as a whole, identify where things fall down or gets stuck, and work with you and your team to find a better way.

Areas I can look at include:

Processes – If you have more than one person in your organisation, you need processes to ensure things are done correctly, consistently and on time.  Find out more on how establishing, recording and implementing good processes can improve the effectiveness of your team and save you money.

Learning & Development – A good Induction and training programme for new and existing staff is key in attracting and retaining talent, reducing staff turnover and helping build a positive workplace.  Read here about how a Learning & Development programme can be a key profit driver for your business.

Admin and Office Management – Do you find that you are spending more time on paperwork and in the office and less time doing business?  Effectively managing the admin side of the business and at some stage delegating large portions of it is a key aspect when your business is growing.  An overview of this can be found here.

Data analysis – Business intelligence and data analysis can provide key insights in how your business is doing.  This can range from looking at profit margins, product successes, finding anomalies, effectiveness of marketing campaigns to returns on training investments and time cost analysis in services.  This can be done on an ad hoc basis or more regularly.  Please see this section for more details on how data analysis can be used as a key tool in growing your business.



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